Our Story

Moise and Elizabeth  both had difficult upbringings. Elizabeth grew up in a large poor family. She was asked to leave school as her parents could no longer afford to pay the small tuition of 4000CFA. She started selling bananas and teaching her self how to make things in order to provide income to support her brothers and sisters. She had a vision to create a place where women could learn. Other women saw Elizabeth selling and came to her house to ask if she could teach them.

After she got married Elizabeth spent some time at bible school in England. She said to God if you bless me – I will help the girls that are passing through the difficult life I did. I will teach them what I know and help them. God told her that after England I want you to fulfil your dream that you had when you were selling the bananas. I want you to help the girls. Elizabeth and Moise saved a small amount each month and were faithfully obedient. They started with what they had because they knew they served a big God who loves justice. They started with no machines, then gradual provision came and they were gifted 2 machines from the USA to share for the 52 girls they were training.

Then God sent others that came and saw the need and provided. The project grew, Elizabeth and Moise gave everything but still some girls were too poor to afford food. One day Elizabeth saw the girls collecting leaves from the trees to eat because they were so hungry. It broke her heart. She continued to do everything she could, alongside people in Germany that saw the hard work and decided to help their ministry through providing a sponsorship program and a safe building. The project has continued to grow from Elizabeth and Moise’s house to a new centre. They have continued to see the need and step out with new solutions such as the street boy training and microcredit scheme. 

They are continuing to dream and think big - whilst following a BIG god. Their dream is to open up an orphanage and provide further safety to children that deserve an education and a loving home.